About us

Whippets, Greyhound and Norwegian Lundehund ❤

We live in Bodø in North Norway.

We have 10 whippets, 6 females and 4 males in the family.

They are owned and loved by

me Hilde Mari Viola Jensen

my parents Helga and John Harald Jensen

my son Alex Jensen 

my daugther Marie Persdottir Jensen.

I also have 1 female that I co-own with her breeder Carina Svemo Stokland. She lives with her breeder.

I have 1 female Greyhound that I co-own with Silja Akselsen (we are also co-owners of kennel Bluefrost) She lives mostly with Silja.

We also have our first Norwegian Lundehund. Varga is co-owned with kennel Mila Moja by Carina Svemo Stokland. She lives with Carina. 

This homepage is about our whippets, greyhound, and Norwegian Lundehund and our life together ❤

All our dogs have their own pages her.

I am co-owner in kennel Bluefrost, together with Silja Akselsen og Jostein Hasselbergsen.

You can also find us at facebook :

"Bluefrost whippets and greyhounds"

"Hilde Mari Viola Jensen"




From left :
No Se UCH Pearl's Legacy's Diamond Dust
Se UCH Bluefrost Afrodite's Charmy
Emprezy Angel's Touch
Bluefrost Athene's Blina
No UCH Bluefrost Afrodite
No Se UCH Bluefrost Afrodite's Cazimir

Mila Moja Brianna and Varga (Norwegian Lundehund) that I co-own with Carina Svemo Stokland.

Brianna and Varga lives with Carina.


  • Greyhound Raina. 12 weeks old. Blancmange Ocean Swell

  • Shamika and me. Bluefrost Athene's Blina

  • No Se UCH Bluefrost Afrodite's Cazimir

  • Bluefrost Charmy's Eros

  • Max og Cazimir

  • Charmy Best in Show

  • Bluefrost Charmy's Favosia Dream

  • Bluefrost Charmy's Faxifilian Kiss

Med vennlig hilsen

Hilde Mari Viola Jensen