Letti's puppyshows 2018

Letti has been to 11 puppyshows from the age of 4-9 months.

She got HP at everyone, and became Best In Show twice.

She also became Best In Show 3 and 4.

She was BOB 5 times.

She was BOS 5 times.

one time she became 2BB puppy.

I am very proud of my little funny princess.

Tromsø national and Nkk international Show 16-17.06.18

4.Best In Show puppy

Letti became BOS puppy first day, by jugde Saija Juutilainen.

BOB, BOG and 4.Best In Show puppy second day at the norwegian kennelclub show.

BOB and BOG jugde Olaf Knauber.

BIS jugde Øystein Eikeseth.

Saltenutstillinga, national show Bodø 09-10.18

Letti became BOS puppy the first day by jugde Yochai Lifac.

BOB and BOG puppy the second day by jugde Sergej Vanza.

Bjff Bodø puppyshow 04.06.18

Letti became BOB and 3.Best In Show puppy :)

Best in Show puppy 27.05.18.

Letti took a double-bis this weekend.

BOB by jugde Anukka Paloheimo.

BOG by jugde Torbjørn Skaar.

Best In Show by jugde Anukka Paloheimo

Best in show puppy 26.05.18

Letti took a double-bis this weekend.

BOB by jugde Jos De Cuyber.

BOG by jugde Jos De Cuyper.

Best In Show by jugde Torbjørn Skaar.

3. puppyshow 05.05.18

Photo: Alettes kennel.

Letti was 2 BOS puppy 6-9 months with HP on Ålesund norwegian kennel club international show.

Jugde Dianne Degryze.

Letti on Vinthound spesiality show in Sweden 24.03.18

Letti was 2. in her class with HP. (4-6 months puppy)

Jugde: Knut Blutecher Norway
Place and date : Boden, Sweden 24.03.18.
Svenska Vinthundklubben.

Bluefrost Charmy's Evoleht on her first puppy show 11.01.18.

Bluefrost Charmy's Evoleht on her first Puppy Show 4,5 months old.

She was BOS.

Jugde : Tanja Hulsund

Place and date : Malvik 11.01.2018.